Tailored Notion

Tailored Notion is a browser extension to improve the look of your favorite app when you use it directly from Chrome, Firefox, Brave ...

Colofon, create a project, pick a template and start writing now. For books, scripts ...


Add To Chrome, Brave...
Add To Firefox

Once the store procedure is complete,
make sure to pin the extension for easy access.

By clicking on the logo, you will access all available options.
You must hit Save and refresh the page to see the changes.



  • Pick a sidebar & top bar color
  • Pick a font from your device
  • Remove page's icon and cover
  • Hide side & top bar
  • Pages get a thinner padding when width is 100%
  • Hide Emojis in the sidebar - get a slick look
  • Replace Emojis in sidebar by Notion's logo with the first letter of the page
  • Remove emojis from the browser tab
  • Remove the help button

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